Citrus Fruits

ESC imports an exceptional range of quality citrus from Italy, France and Spain. These include leafy clementines, leafy lemons, blood oranges, bergamot, cedro and more. For orders and queries contact Tess, our Italian buyer (07766 654732 / See our full A-Z below:


Amare Oranges

These bitter oranges are not dissimilar to the famous Seville oranges. Just as in Spain, they are often found along main roads, planted for decoration. Amare are sometimes used to flavour grappa and are an important ingredient in Curaçao because of their intense flavour and essential oils. Italian season is Jan.



This is an on-trend ingredient, used by chefs and caterers in a wide range of desserts and savoury dishes. It is the essential oils in the skin and pith, not the flesh and juice, that are prized. Uses include seafood dishes, risottos, pairing with game and a wide range of desserts. More info here. Italian season approx. Nov-Feb.


Blood - Mandarin

Blood mandarins are rare and these are exceptional quality: extremely juicy and with an attractive red blush. Italian season approx. Jan-Feb.


Blood - Moro

Moro, a later variety of blood orange, is the most common blood orange that we import from Sicily into in the UK. See our detailed product info page here. Italian season approx. Jan-Feb.


Blood - Tarocco

Tarocco, an early variety of blood orange, is considered by many to have superior flavour to Moro. They are often lighter in colour, although here is a batch of premium dark Tarocco. See our detailed product info page here. Italian season approx. Dec-May.



These leafy French clementines from the ‘Tout Miel’ marque are a bestseller. Look for bright green leaves as a sign of freshness. Yosemite are another popular late variety we source from Italy.



It’s the pith and skin of Cedro that is prized. In Sicily, cedro is typically served as a simple slice of the fruit, sometimes sprinkled with salt. We also source Diamante (Diamond) citrus - mature specimens can weigh up to a kilo! Peak Italian season approx. Nov-March, but can be sourced most of year.



Kumquats are growing in popularity. Leafy kumquats are hard to find and these are best of the best. You can eat the whole fruit - skin and all - and the flavour is a fantastic contrast between the sweet skin and sour juice. Italian season approx. Feb-March.



We sell many varieties when in season: seedless; Primo Fiore, Verdello, Sorrento, Sicilian Amalfi lemons and more. Sorrento, for example, are used in the production of the Limoncello liqueur, and come only from the Solagari Cooperative. They are good to eat raw. Amalfi and Sorrento lemons are used simple recipes like lemon-marinated anchovies or soft Amalfi Coast lemon cream. Verdelli are early in the season: pale green, short season, hard to get hold of and much desired.



We supply many varieties, including leafy. A new one to watch is Newhall - all the rage in Paris right now. A premium variety, it began life in America and is descended from the Washington Navel. Newhall’s are medium size, have a deep orange colour and intensely sweet flesh, and easy to peel.