Market Report 18.4.19

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It's berry heaven in Paris right now. Loads of delicious strawberries doing the rounds. As well as the usual Gariguette, we have Clery, the first of the Mara des Bois, beautifully fragrant Charlotte and even the first French wild strawberries. Raspberries getting in on the act too: fantastic Tulameen from Portugal and the first Tulameen and yellow raspberries from top growers Panach.


Temperatures are coming back up and there’s a whiff of summer about. The first melons have started, with smooth or rough skin. Caroselli striped cucumbers and its weird furry neighbour are now about too - a sure sign summer must be on the way! There were more delicate items at the family farms stand: delicious sweet pea flowers, chive flowers and something I hadn’t seen before - wasabi rocket. I should imagine it gives your cornflakes a kick! There are mountains of fresh Tropea rosso and the white chipoline onions. Late season Moro have started - red inside and sharp for juicing. Looking forward to the sweet stuff coming in!
— Tess, our Italian buyer (07766 654732 /

Tess also recommends: peas, broadbeans, bruscandoli, Candonga strawberries, Abate pears, San Mazzano, Marinda, agretti, basil, courgette flowers, La Costiera lemons, Rainbow chard.


Panach - one of our berry suppliers - are an exceptional grower. They grow the best varieties using state-of-the-art production techniques. Biological control is done without any pesticide treatment. The fruit is picked every day at dawn then taken to our depot in Rungis to ensure maximum freshness for our customers. Panach blackberries also available, with other berries to follow soon!

Spanish Charentais melons are in good nick, decent size 11’s and 12’s available, eating well and a reasonable price.

Peaches and nectarines are trickling in. mainly Moroccan crop for now, but super 20’s and 24’s in white peaches have been spotted, best to pre-orders as these are cleared very quickly.
— Andy, our French buyer (07810 504512 /

Andy also recommends: wet garlic, Noirmoutier potatoes, Saveur de Chailly tomatoes, Orri mandarins, Spanish Blue Raf tomatoes, Ile de Re potatoes.


In France, cauliflower volumes are currently extremely short in both 6 and 8 sizes with prices too expensive to compete with English. Savoy cabbage is end of season. Romanesco is available in small volumes and very pricey. Banana shallot volumes are getting lower and price keeps increasing. Normal shallots are extremely expensive. French heritage from Brittany are well priced and great quality. Baby chokes are available in regular volumes. The first Globe chokes fields are showing in Brittany but the volumes won’t start for another month. Jérusalem artichoke price is going up this week. End of season for root parsley. More volumes of courgettes from Chateaurenard expected next week.

In Spain, courgettes are still short and prices are strong. The red Palermo is also still short and the price strong, but there is some good category 2 available and the quality is good. Spanish chilies 3kg are still not available at the moment. Nectarines are now available. Moroccan chilies are almost inexistent… Only a few pallets of red fireflame are available per week , with extremely high price and fabulous quality, but extremely pricey. Green chilies are also quite short, but more accessible still. Corno blanco has not been available for a while. We started the Galia melon which is fab quality and the first pallets of watermelons are available.
— Gaelle, ESC Direct (+33 789 866 675 /