Market Report 15.2.19

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These pictures are from our growers in Brittany - a beautiful part of the world! They supply ESC Direct, our bespoke pallet-only service, with cauliflowers, Romanesco, leeks and root veg. And don’t forget our new Product Info pages, including our A-Z of citrus fruits, agretti and radicchio - all bang in season right now!


Daytime temperatures are up to 15C and night time just above freezing, allowing produce to catch up. This week the long awaited Yosemite clems finally arrived - sweet and juicy. Once tasted they are never forgotten! Also the Candonga strawberries are more abundant and tasting delicious!

The new season of Italian asparagus has also started, which is good to see. The tomato varieties now are as varied as the citrus and equally delicious: Marindas, Camone, San Mazzano, delicious little Datterinos full of that sunshine taste, amazing tiny red and yellow Tania cherry vine - there’s definitely sunshine somewhere! Also this week saw the tiny carciofini artichokes, pretty much used whole unlike the larger Roma. We said goodbye to the big red Sicilian pomegranates, but are looking forward to new season Riccio Fiorentino tomatoes and the fine asparagina, along with red asparagus - fingers crossed the weather plays ball!
— Tess, our Italian buyer (07766 654732 /

Tess also recommends: peas, broad beans, agretti, radicchio, broccoli fiolaro, garlic, borlotti, cauliflowers (purple, yellow), chillies, fennel, Frigatelli peppers, trombetta courgettes, pears, peppers, pomegranates, puntarelle, Tokyo turnips, Zucca.


It’s still frosty here in Paris but warmer weather in the south has bought some lovely products into the market. Most exciting is white asparagus - looking terrific and still at the higher end price wise but will come down. Excellent green asparagus from Spain also available, either loose in 2 kilo boxes or traditional bunches.

Different tomatoes are appearing everyday including Rebellion, Marmande and a lovely mixed box of cherry tomatoes from the chaps at Pomme D’Amour.

Beautiful Provence courgettes have just made their 2019 debut, including white, yellow and green. Spanish round, green and yellow also available.

Romanesco are still in fine fettle but coloured cauliflowers are having a tough time of it, best stick to the ones we have coming in from Italy if you need.

Calico artichokes are really coming into their own now, prices have come down and all sizes available, we particularly like the 12’s. Really good baby artichokes also available and very reasonable.

On the fruit side French kiwis are all over the market and looking (and eating) rather splendid. Green and gold available. Air freight passion fruit are in great nick. New season leafy Nadercotts are now eating really well, great for those who need a nice easy peeler.
— Andy, our French buyer (07810 504512 /

Andy also recommends: Portuguese Gariguette Strawberries, Passe Crassane and Angelys pears, Charentais melons from Dominican Republic, nice Turkish quince, leafy Newhall oranges, Moscatel grapes.