Market Report 18.1.19

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Ever tried a red or blood mandarin? These are just starting. One benefit of the cold weather is that Moro blood oranges are getting really dark now, and even the sweeter tasting Tarocco have a blush inside. Click on the image above for more info.
— Tess, our Italian buyer (07766 654732 /


In Milan this week a few things have been hit by the cold weather: the south has seen minus temperatures and some snow, but hopefully things are now getting back to normal. This has affected agretti / monk’s beard - the plant has just stopped at the moment so this week and next it will be tricky to source. Mooli available in small amounts and very expensive - same for the courgette family and some artichokes again. That being said, the produce in the market is still stunning, with red or blood mandarins starting and even a new production of Borlotti beans appearing this week. Lots of citrus and tomatoes, although red tomatoes being a little softer have been affected by the cold, so some prices are higher there too.
— Tess, our Italian buyer (07766 654732 /

Tess also recommends: radicchio, Tokyo turnips, fennel, chillies, Rainbow chard, Zucca, rosemary


At this time of year we’re very much in the hands of the Gods when it comes to supplies of veg and salads. Brassicas like all cauliflowers and romanesco have all risen sharply this week. Best value for money comes in the shape of roots - cracking stuff that is stonkingly good value and quality. Celeriac, Candy and Gold Beets, Craupadine (or Cheltenham) beetroot and the winter perennial Jerusalem artichokes are all fantastic right now. Other, more unusual roots such as Oca de Peru and Helianthus (white Jerusalem artichokes) are also in great nick. A few Girolles have come onto the market, but ask your bank manager first! Yellow Chanterelles and Trompettes are the best value wild mushrooms right now.
— Andy, our French buyer (07810 504512 /

Andy also recommends: shallotsCevenne sweet onions, Anya & Purple Majesty potatoes, Gariguette strawberries, bunch heritage carrotsHelda flat beans.


The week started with high price on most Moroccan goods such as aubergines. Courgettes are still high although price is slightly more accessible. Coco flat beans and green beans are extremely short and impossible to find. Chilies are still available with more volume on green than the last weeks, only white kapya is short. On French goods more volumes on cauliflowers and leeks this week but prices shall stay stable as a cold wave is expected next week.
— Gaelle, ESC Direct (+33 789 866 675 /