Market Report 2.2.19


Broad beans and peas are really sweet now. The first asparagus has just made an appearance. Radicchios are beautiful - we’ve got the whole range. Just waiting for the mini box selections now. Artichoke bouquets are getting bigger. The tiny carciofini will soon be in. Winter tomatoes are in full swing - Marinda, Camone etc - as temperatures have come up in the south. Red tomatoes are a bit trickier. Against the weather odds, we have only lost a few delicate things - one of them being wild fennel.
— Tess, our Italian buyer (07766 654732 /

Tess also recommends: Marsala strawberries, cauliflowers (purple, yellow), chillies, fennel, Frigatelli peppers, peppers, pomegranates, puntarelle, Tokyo turnips, Zucca.


Rungis looks like a scene from a Christmas card, but the produce hints at warmer times to come. Best news is the start of Moscatel grapes from Chile. Developed in the early 2000’s, Moscatel are a seedless version of the wine grape. Wonderfully sweet and aromatic with a bright colour. Delicious

The price of Passé Crassane pears has taken a small but welcome dip too. A beautiful variety of pear, beloved of pastry chefs - Pear Tarte Tatin, yum! The wax tip on the fruit is supposed to prevent from deteriorating quickly.

Whilst we’re on orchard fruits, the Valentine’s apples are now available for the incurable romantics amongst you.

Tomatoes from Pomme d’Amour in Provence have made their first appearance. A lovely grower - these exquisite tomatoes offer a welcome break from tasteless Dutch varieties.
— Andy, our French buyer (07810 504512 /


Weather didn’t improve in France with more snow, storm Gabriel and heavy rain. 🇫🇷 Volumes and prices on cauliflower and leeks are similar and stable. Banana shallot prices are strong. All root veggies are available and stable in price. Romanesco is short and very expensive.

🇪🇸 Spanish cauliflowers are back on the scene.
Aubergines volumes are increasing, prices keep coming down and we expect more volume. There is a gap in bunched coloured carrots. All seasonal citrus is available: clementines, lemon, Seville oranges and sour oranges. Artichoke production stays quite short, but more is expected in next few weeks.

🇲🇦 Moroccan tomatoes are short and prices keep going up due to last week’s cold wave. Red chilies are still available, prices are stable with great quality. Green chilli price is expected to keep rising due to less volumes. Coco beans and beans are all still extremely expensive and short. Courgettes price has been dropping hugely but shall stabilise with more volumes to come.
— Gaelle, ESC Direct (+33 789 866 675 /