Market Report - January


Fresh from Rungis:

Our buyer Nick says: "All our French and Spanish salads and spinach are coming in top quality and in plentiful supply. Artichokes are very difficult due to Spanish irrigation problems which means the prices are high. Blette is good too, but watercress has been coming from Lyon which has suffered unusual amounts of snow recently, so a bit scarce. We have been getting good quality celery from Italy when the French became pricey. Similarly, coloured cauliflowers are from Italy due to scarcity of French and radishes have been a bit tricky. Beautiful ratte potatoes from Le Touquet are in full season and the lovely pink Roscoff onions and banana shallots from the Loire valley between Blois and Orléans are both stable. We have black and green tomatoes and the mixed coloured Heritage from the Saveurs d'Antan now coming from Spain. We have made-to-measure, mixed, wild mushrooms available in any quantity - phone or ask at our stand for details."

"We also have beautiful fruit from our Mouneyrac suppliers: Royal Gala from South West France; Golden and pink tinged Golden apples from the Limousin region; Chantecler apples from Charente Maritime; Fujis from South West France; Granny Smiths from Val de Loire; Red Williams from Italy; wax tipped Passe Crassane pears from the région Parisienne."

Other lines include: oca, salsify, smoked garlic, cardoon, dandelion, sand carrots, baby veg, Australian apricots, Rainier cherries from Chile, black truffles from Périgord (or Chinese if the French are out of price range!) and Spanish baby artichokes.

Fresh from Milan:

Our buyer Tess says: "Cold nights in Milan, which is right up against the Alps. Agretti has just started. Blood oranges (Moro) are darkening in colour. We have broad beans and peas coming up from Sicily. Radicchio is going strong, including the amazing Tardivo, rosa and Castelfranco varieties. I'm sourcing more Italian cheeses, such as buffalo mozarella and ricotta."

Other lines include: leafy lemons, bergamot, peppers, puntarelle, chicoria, fennel, rocket, chillies, aubergines, prickly pears, courgettes. 

ESC Direct:

Our buyer Gaelle is available on +33 789 866 675. She says: "From Morocco the novelty is Nour clementines, which have just started. Also in full season are chillies, coco flat beans, green beans, red kapya, corno blanco and peppers. Courgette volumes are expecting to be higher this month (48% more production than last year). Tomatoes have suffered from the cold weather but January will bring more volumes on the whole range. 

From Spain there are occasional shortages of cauliflowers and artichokes. Peppers and broccoli volumes have started to rise. Heritage tomatoes also available and full season.

In Brittany the knock-on effects of some heavy rain and flooding are showing on baby vegetables, with a shortage of most lines since before Christmas. Decent volumes won't be available until almost mid January. A few problems with roots, cauliflowers and Jerusalem chokes but quality remains good and prices are stable."

Special Orders:

We also import a wide range of quality dried, tinned and dairy goods including cheeseyoghurtoilsolivesspicesBoiron fruit purees and more. See here for extra info. It's chestnut season and we sell both fresh, Ponthier vacuum-packed and the puree in tins. One of our lines are dried spices, such as this Ras El Hanout - a classic spice blend from North Africa.