Market Report - February


Fresh from Rungis:

Our buyer Nick says: "Fortunately salads and spinach (open field and glasshouse, with bigger leaf) are all from southern France or Spain so flooding in the Paris region has not affected a steady supply. Plus 125g bags of watercress and unwrapped bunches. French Blette (Swiss chard) is still good, but is beginning to go up in price. Supply of coloured cauliflowers and some baby veg has been a little patchy. Topinambourgs (Jerusalem artichokes) are easily available but could become trickier later in Feb as they are in the ground, not stored. 5 kg bags of Ratte potatoes and 1 kg bags from Le Touquet are all beautiful, shiny skinned and lovely flavour. We have lovely little Brussel plant flowers from the Ile de France and the first French white asparagus - but it is still very expensive. Frais de bois from Malaga and Gariguettes from France."

"From Italy, we have reasonable and lovely-condition celery. From Chile, we are buying red-tinged and delicate Moscatel grapes. From New Zealand, pretty pink-blushed apricots. The Sumo clementines air-freighted from California went down a storm, so now there's a boat-load on its way! We still also have Cantaloupe melons from Senegal - dear but good quality. Airfreighted mangoes from Peru are good value. Raspberries from Portugal and Spain which are still big, of good colour and with reasonable flavour considering 'tis NOT the season for them!"

Fresh from Milan:

Our buyer Tess says: "In Milan there's an amazing array of produce, despite wild temperature swings! There's a full selection of artichokes: from tiny Carcofini to big bouquet Roma artichokes. Our regular staples are going strong: Punterella (with the heart), Cicoria (without), amazing purple caulis, and monk's beard / Agretti. Broad beans and peas from the south are in full swing. The new Italian asparagus season has just started."

"Tomatoes also have an amazing range: stunning baby San Mazzano on the vine, Gencara plum vine tomatoes are finally back in season; Camone have a full colour range from small green and crunchy to chocolate. Marinda tomatoes are coming in all sizes too and look amazing. The Citrus season is very impressive with stunning dark ribena coloured Moro blood oranges, juicy Tarocco, and delicious leafy clementines. This week's amazing discovery are new Yosemite clementines from Sicily - out of this world taste! There is to come: Ponzino lemonswhite, red and wild asparagus, more delicious tomatoes, Riccio Fiorentino, and Costaluto Liguria. We will be spoilt for choice!"

ESC Direct

Our buyer Gaelle is available on +33 789 866 675. She says: "There's cold weather in Morocco and in some parts of Spain. This means less volumes on peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, broccoli, artichokes, tomatoes. Red chilies are available again, as well as red kapya, only white kapya is currently unavailable.  Asparagus from Spain will start in mid February. Orri clĂ©mentines have started a couple of weeks ago also. Oranges from Spain and Morocco are available and good quality while the Portuguese clementines and oranges have just finished.

Heritage tomatoes are available - Spanish price cheaper than French. From Brittany all root vegetables are still full season. Banana shallots and shallots prices are still low and all good quality with volumes. Egyptian sweet potatoes are very short, but USA are available."

Special Orders:

We also import a wide range of quality dried, tinned and dairy goods including cheeseyoghurtoilsolivesspicesBoiron fruit purees and more. See here for extra info. These tins of goose fat are ideal for the Sunday roast.