Market Report 22.11.18

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Weekly highlights from Rungis Market

Our buyer Andy says: "How about some rare and on-trend roots? Oca, crosnes (a.k.a Chinese artichokes), capucine tubéreuse (a.k.a nasturtium root), salsify, chervil and parsley roots are all in season. French Cep mushrooms are great quality - possibly the finest edible mushroom's available. Their distinct, robust flavour and meaty texture allows them to stand up to roasting and braising. Ceps also excel in certain dishes such as risottos and omelettes. Sliced also available in pre-order. Everyone is also loving our wonderful Tout Miel leafy clementines from Valencia. ”

Andy also recommends: endive, pissenlet (a.k.a. dandelion), French jumbo blueberries from Fruites Rouges, grapes (Muscat de Hambourg, Chasselas and Centennial), Kent variety mangoes from Brazil, quince, amazing Frunet pineapples, lychees on the branch, Charentais melons from Senegal, Romanesco, coloured cauliflowers from La Legumiere.

Weekly highlights from Milan Market

Our buyer Tess says: "In Milan it’s a great time to be buying. Going strong is citrus, with big Navel oranges, new season mandarins, bergamot, cedro and clementines about; the lemons from the south are now their proper yellow colour as the temperature is right for them to turn. Sicilian lemons are also about now although smaller. On the tomato front the winter varieties are coming back into season, such as chocolate Camone and jet black Camone. Cherry, Marinda and the unique Piennolo hanging tomatoes also available.

Tess also recommends: artichokes (Thema and spikey), aubergines, cime di rapa, punterella, cicoria, apples (including Annurche), pears (Abate with wax tip; big Decana pears, much loved by Italians), round courgettes, huge Sicilian pomegranates, persimmon (a.k.a. Kaki fruit), courgette flowers, fennel, nespole, fresh olives.


Our buyer Gaelle says: “This week there’s a big "YELLOW JACKET " strike in France by lorry drivers which is affecting some deliveries. Moroccan goods were due to arrive in volumes this week but so far nothing has left as the trucks were stuck. From Brittany, shorter volumes in most items this week - mostly in cauliflower and the price will rise due to the cold weather.”