Market Report 5.9.19

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Fresh walnuts, hazelnuts and chestnuts now coming in via Rungis and Milan markets.


Our buyer Tess says: “Early autumn produce is just creeping in. The first new season lemons are in, green at the moment as they need cold to go yellow and it’s still hot in the south. Big new season fresh walnuts are also about along with fresh chestnuts in their spikey shells. Also in this week are big beautiful Sorrento beef heart toms.

Prickly pears are in season - the cactus plant fruit. They are the smaller Agostani at the moment named because they ripen in August, but in Sicily ‘big bastards’ are waiting! No seriously that’s what they are called! Bastardoni are the most highly prized of the prickly pears.

For fruit, delicious white nectarines are finally in along with the favourite uva Italia big white grape. I even found a few a boxes of early Castle Franco so that’s on its way too. Plums of all colours are abundant along with grapes and pears are starting again. Looking forward to seeing more Castle Franco, porcini, pomegranates, colourful gourds, Chima di rappe and Myagawa green clems.”

Tess also recommends: rocket, chillies, Borlotti, wild fennel, cicoria, basil, courgettes, courgette flowers, cucumbers, Delica squash, Frigatelli peppers.



Our buyer Andy says: There is a definite in-between feeling in Rungis - the last summer produce refusing to totally give way to the march of autumn. Figs from Provence are the star of the show: beautiful product with its jammy loveliness and a totally different kettle of fish to the Turkish product that floods the markets.

New season hazelnuts and wet walnuts are in. Walnuts are still a little pricey, but the noisettes are cracking quality and offer some good value.

In other fruit news we found a lovely late season strawberry called Naruma, grown in Normandy with a delicate, floral flavour. Reine Claude greengages and mirabelles are now in full swing, absolutely tip-top fruit. I’m a bit evangelical about Reine Claude - once people have tried them they realise what they’ve been missing.

New crop garlic and onions are abundant. The stunning Lautrec pink garlic is back, as well as freshly smoked strings of garlic. Cevenne and Roscoff onions are in, both the cell packed 4 kilo trays and standard 10kg box (Cevenne) and 1kg bunched (Roscoff). Thankfully you don’t need a mortgage broker to buy a net of shallots now either.

Stunning French cepes and girolles have hit the market. Best to check daily what’s available as deliveries are not every night. Quince has just started, too.

New crop heritage carrots are looking rather splendid, as does the new crop cardoon. If you’re not prepared to let go of summer, yellow, violet and traditional green beans are your go to veg. Still plenty around and prices have bottomed out.

Andy also recommends: Charentais melons, Muscat grapes, new season Chasselas, late variety apricots, Corsica white and yellow peaches, last of the Provence tomatoes.




Our buyer Gaelle says: “After a hot August and shortages in cauli, chilies pumpkins, globe chokes etc ... it looks like the mild weather will offer more quantities in the next weeks! From France, Muscade squash are available and beautiful quality - loose or in boxes. Courgettes are available from various areas and the quality is excellent, price stable and more volumes are expected next week. Globe chokes have been extremely short in the south which created a high demand and high prices. Romanesco is available in small volumes till October. New crop banana shallots price is down as volumes are now available. New root veg has started, prices are still a little high. Parsley root will start next week. New Jerusalem chokes have started but the old crops are still around and much cheaper as well as excellent quality. Colored cauli are still available unlike the summer cauliflower which have been almost unavailable all summer and is still suffering from low volumes.

From Morocco, chilies are just starting slowly this week, quality is improving but price are rising as volumes will be shorter. We will have to wait until October to have new lines. Kapya is still out of season, but red snacking peppers from Spain can be found in category 2. Spanish figs are available and very cheap but the Turkish are very cheap and more popular currently on the market. German mooli is also available.”

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