Market Report 8.3.19

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Our highlight this week? Proper strawberries - with real flavour - from Italy, Spain and France. French Gariguette are sublime; Italian Candonga are sensational, too. For more info click the image above. Contact our buyers for more info.


NEW! Boiron ambient purees: 1 litre cartons (6 to box) also sold as units. Raspberry (£6.25), blood orange (£5.35), pineapple (£5.35), yellow peach (£4.45), passion fruit (£6.25) and more. Contact:

NEW! Boiron ambient purees: 1 litre cartons (6 to box) also sold as units. Raspberry (£6.25), blood orange (£5.35), pineapple (£5.35), yellow peach (£4.45), passion fruit (£6.25) and more


In Milan the weather feels like early summer. It’s wall-to-wall Condonga strawberries here - see my Product Info page for more. This week has seen the start of full Italian asparagus season with white asparagus also in with a hefty price tag! More delicate greens are starting like wild mizzuna and tarassaco (green dandelion). Looking forward we are hoping the weather remains steady, and we see the start of Bruscandoli (wild hops) and maybe some red basil. Citrus is still amazing but season coming to a close ...
— Tess, our Italian buyer (07766 654732 /

Tess also recommends: peas, broadbeans, agretti, broadleaf rocket, Moro blood oranges, green Marindas, cardoons, red rose Trevisse, pink raddichio, Yosemite clems, puntarelle, cime di rapa, Tropea onions, Delica squash, La Costiera lemons, Rainbow chard.


Strawberry season has started in style with the arrival of the first French Gariguettes. increasingly popular because of their stunning flavour, available in closed or open punnets and 1.8kilo trays for catering.

Other French strawberries also around in 1 kilo trays or looped baskets. Completing the strawberry fest are Spanish Fraises des Bois,

In other berry news the first Tulameen raspberries have arrived from Portugal.

White asparagus is also in full swing. Prices of white have started to fall, and French green from Provence started this week.

All sorts of great tomatoes now arriving - Noir de Crimee, Pineapple, Zebra and Rebellion to name a few. “
— Andy, our French buyer (07810 504512 /

Andy also recommends: Charentais melons from Reunion, air-freight Kent mango, Moscatel grapes, Sanguinelli oranges, Rainbow bunch carrots, Calico artichokes, Brittany cauliflowers.


From France, there will be less volumes on cauli 8 heads next week, and we expect the price to go higher on this size. Leeks are still in season, with similar volumes, quality and prices. Banana shallot price has increased again and shall carry on rising in the next weeks. More volumes in romanesco from Brittany and prices were down at auction. Savoy cabbage is available but price has increased.

From Spain, cauli is available and very cheap. Romanesco is also back on the market. Red Spanish Palermo is shorter this week and the price has spiked. Courgettes are available, great quality and very accessible in price. Spanish strawberries are available but prices are high due to less volumes and big supermarket promotions. We are expecting the situation to settle in the next weeks.

From Morocco, only a few top quality brands of courgettes are available and prices are very low. The red chilies and green chilies are both suffering from low volumes and the prices are much higher. White kapya is still very hard to get and extremely expensive. Sweet potatoes from USA seem to be the only available and have reached some very high prices lately.”
— Gaelle, ESC Direct (+33 789 866 675 /