Market Report - April

Fresh from Rungis 

Our buyer Nick says: "Salads from the south all very good and down in price. Outdoor or open field salads from Provence started this weekend. The north will be starting shortly. Lots of Gariguette straws and prices slowly down. There are also still good Spanish straws around in 1k boxes. Air freight mangoes very difficult, are ending. Lots of cheap French asparagus as we are in the middle of a flush, but will get scarcer and more money."

Other lines include: baby veg, tomatoes, watercress, Romanesco, celeriac and rose garlic, salsify, winter radish and red heart radish.

Fresh from Milan

Our buyer Tess says: "It's still cold at night, but the summer heat is building. One more unusual highlight is buscandoli, the wild hop. Broad beans and peas are in full swing. Next month is the start of melons. It's a transition period now: wax-tipped pears and Delicata squash are just finishing. Blood oranges are starting to tail off. The nice herbs are just starting, like red-veined sorrel and the wrap-rooted basil. The first Italian wet garlic is just starting. We should shortly have the first Romanesco courgettes."   

Other lines include: peppers, a wide variety of tomatoes, agretti, kohl rabi, thyme, borage, leafy lemons and Tropea onions. 

ESC Direct

ESC Direct is our bespoke, whole-pallet only wholesale service.  Our buyer sources direct from Brittany, Provence, Spain, Morocco and elsewhere. 

Our buyer Gaëlle says: "The current warm weather is announcing the arrival of the summery fruit. Melons, watermelons, peaches and plums are expected to start this month.  It is the end of Spanish asparagus and Maroccan courgettes. The Maroccan tomatoes are still be going for a month and the quality has been very good. All the chillies, peppers are still available. There is a gap in broccoli at the moment. From Brittany, roots are still available till June and less volumes on caulis are expected. The first baby chokes have made their entrance at the auction, although they shall only be volumes from next month when the artichokes will start. French héritage tomatoes are now available for the whole summer season."

Special Orders

We also import a wide range of quality dried, tinned and dairy goods including cheeseyoghurtoilsolivesspicesBoiron fruit purees and more. See here for extra info. 

Infused Oils

We stock a wide range of quality oils, including rapeseed oil, olive oil and this Italian range of infused oils from Frantoia. Flavours include rosemary, lemon, chill, garlic and basil. 

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