Market Report - June

Fresh from Rungis 

Our buyer Nick says: "All our salads are now being grown in northern parts of France. The weather has been great for growing salad - lots of sun and rain - so quality is excellent and prices are low. A freak hail storm hit the spinach fields the second weekend in May which caused a shortage among some suppliers for a week two, but back to full capacity again now. French strawberries are in the height of season and delicious though still a bit steep for this time of year, likewise with French apricots. Our peaches and nectarines are still being sourced from Spain."

"French globe and small, bunched artichokes are still very reasonably priced but must go up some time soon! Celeriac on the other hand is pricey as we wait for the new season to start.South hemisphere pumpkins have completely replaced European crop now so a bit dearer. Shallots are still very good value - they will also change to new season in the coming weeks." Other lines include: baby veg; rose garlic; turnips; sand carrots and more. 

Fresh from Milan

Our buyer Tess says: "Milan is now in the full heat of summer - 33'C this week. The summer produce is in full swing with the arrival of more stone fruits: beautiful red and white plums and long awaited flat peaches. Some new varieties of beans have come into season such as tiger beans, yellow fine beans and white piatoni beans."

"The weird and wonderful produce is giving a good show too, such as trombetta courgettes and tenarumi! The perlina  - little long aubergines - have been in for a couple of weeks now! Zerbinati wax stamp melons have started. Other things are coming to an end. Monks' beard is finishing in the next week or so, tardivo has finished, and some of the tomatoes will be tailing off now as it gets hotter. In the meantime herbs are wonderful including an amazing micro basil I found  that looks like thyme." Other lines include: fennel, peppers, white and purple cauliflowers, frigelli peppers and cime di rapa. 

ESC Direct

Our buyer Gaelle says: "From France : on the novelty side we are expecting coloured cauliflowers to start mid June. Romanesco is just starting again at Brittany's auction. Root veg and banana shallots are end of season but still going and we are hoping to manage from old crops to new without a gap. French heritage is in full season. Broccoli has just started. The courgettes from Provence are in full season, as well as peas and cucumbers. Artichokes from Brittany are now available and volumes are increasing.  French carrots have also started last week and are already very affordable. Yellow melons are currently short, due to the heat in Morocco, but more volumes are expected in the coming weeks. From Spain, all melons are now available, along with fruits (peaches, nectarines, flat peaches) and figs (just started). New season white garlic will be available early June."

Special Orders

We also import a wide range of quality dried, tinned and dairy goods including cheeseyoghurtoilsolivesspicesBoiron fruit purees and more. See here for extra info.

Specials this month include these lovely 1kg jars of superb Italian honey - only £12 per jar. 

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