Market Report - November


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Our buyer Andy says: "Spanish clementines have started. There are still some nice greengages around, although not Reine Claude variety. Grapes in abundance - Muscat de Hambourg and Chasselas. The big highlight is apples and pears. Our two key growers supply a wide range of different varieties. Vassout, for example, is a small family grower who use traditional growing methods. They offer varieties such as Rubinette, Belchard and Reine de Reinette. Let me know if you’d like a full list? Other fruits that are good: kaki fruit, Tulameen raspberries, Maroc Giant blueberry, air freight pineapple and mango.”

“On the veg and salad side we're in between seasons. Abundant wild mushrooms - Girolles, Chanterelles and Trompettes. Autumn black truffles are good value, plus white winter truffles for those with a friendly bank manager. Chervil and parsley roots have started. Crapaudine beetroot - an ingredient popular with the chefs - is back in full swing. New season Cevenne onions and Lautrec garlic are fully available, both PDO products. Leafy celeriac from local grower Francis Tremblay is also flying out.”

Other lines include: radish, watercress, Ratte potatoes, artichokes, salsify, quince.

Fresh from Milan

Our buyer Tess says: "The temperature came down and beautiful autumn produce is flowing in. We’ve seen radicchio start with Castlefranco then Tardivo. The citrus season is underway from the south: delicious Navels and the lovely hybrid green clems Myagawa. Lemons are still a little green as they need cooler weather to turn yellow. Big red Sicilian pomegranates have just arrived. Some new season tomatoes are back in: Marindas, Ligurian Costaluto and the wonderful Pienolo hanging tomatoes. The porcini season is problematic: humid condition means more worms infest the mushrooms. The best have been Scandinavian and Eastern European. Staples back in season: punterella, cicoria, and Chima di rappe. Other interesting greens: tarassco (green dandelion), wild mizzuna, and little ciccorinos. All types and sizes of pumpkins, too, with zucca Napoli long pumpkins, Delica squash and decorative gourds. Looking forward, we hope to see pink radicchio and rose Trevisse, broccolo paesano, and minestra napolitano, and the popular Yosemite clems. It’s a lovely time with so much produce to choose from!”

Other lines include: chestnuts, aubergine, chillis, fennel, peppers, prickly pears.

ESC Direct

Our buyer Gaelle is available on +33 789 866 675. She says: "A cold start to November will lead to a temporary shortage on some goods such as courgettes. Spanish seasonal vegetables such as aubergines, peppers, broccoli and cucumbers are available. Spanish figs are almost end of season, although some pricey French still available. Most Moroccan goods are now available: tomatoes, chilies and even the first pallets of red kapya. From France, smaller volumes of artichokes expected until December. Winter cauli is currently available in bigger volumes and very affordable. French leeks are short, but Savoy, kale and Romanesco are full season; as well as all root vegetables, such as colored carrots, beetroots, parsley root, Jerusalem chokes. Coloured cauliflowers will be available until at least December. Banana shallots are in full season and already quite cheap. French and Portuguese Muscade squash are both available.”

Special Orders

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