Market Report - October


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Fresh from Rungis:

Our buyer Nick says: "The swallows are on their way to warmer lands and the evenings are drawing in. But mild temperatures in northern France have meant that the salads, chard and spinach grown near the forest of Fontainebleau are still plentiful and good quality. Leafy celery, radishes and coloured cauliflowers also still coming from France and looking good.

Beautiful couloured beets are in full season and roots like Jerusalem artichokes are coming down in price. The warm, humid days have produced masses of wild mushrooms here and we can't walk in our local forest without coming across mushrooms and toadstools of all colours and sizes. We've had a few cep feasts along with foraged chestnuts and blackberries."

"French yellow beans and other summer veg begin to get more scarce. Red potatoes and mids are plentiful and delicious Ratte potatoes from Le Touquet are in full season. Figs are still around but less plentiful than last month. Canteloupe melons from around Charentais are beginning to creep up in price. Peaches and nectarines are coming to an end and being replaced by lovely French pears and apples in increasing numbers of varieties: Comice, Conference, Grand Champion, Guyot, Louise Bonne, Red and Green Williams and apples: Boskoop, Chantecler, Braeburn, Canada Grise, Elstar, Golden, Granny Smith, Goldor, Gradirose, Pirouette, Red Delicious, Renne de Rennette, Renoir, Royal Gala and Rubinette."

Fresh from Milan:

Our buyer Tess says: "The temperature in Milan is now going down fast and despite some weather ups and downs, we are getting into proper autumn. The new season has brought the start of new produce, with staples like Punterella, Castle Franco, Tardivo,  Spinach and Chima Di Rappe, now coming back in. Produce has started coming up from the south again as it gets cooler, with Marinda tomatoes, the first lemons and oranges.  The start of autumn has also brought with it the little green Miyagawa oranges, pomegranates, little rust patched Guiuggole (look like crab apples and when ripe taste like apple sauce with cinnamon) and bergamots. The market has come back to life after a long hot summer, and the seasonal change heralds an exciting variety of produce from now on, watch this space!"

ESC Direct

Our buyer Gaelle is available on +33 789 866 675. She says: " We're all waiting for Moroccan goods to start in volume - mid month for items such as coco flat beans, red, white and green chilies and tomatoes. End of the month for red long peppers and courgettes. Green beans have started this week. French courgettes from the south are now end of season, while French salads are just coming into the scene. All gourds, pumpkins and butternut are full season and ready for Halloween. The artichoke season in Brittany is still going for a  good month, hopefully until the Spanish starts. Romanesco and Savoy cabbage are full season. French heritage tomatoes are available year around. French leeks are good quality. Jerusalem chokes are getting cheaper with increasing volumes, and coloured caulis are short but shall be running for another two months. Banana shallots and shallots are high in volume and low in price. From Spain the beginning of the season is complicated in courgettes with very low volumes and high prices at the moment. Aubergines and peppers are available already but in small quantities. Spanish broccoli and garlic is available. Egyptian sweet potatoes are still available and cheap. Chestnuts have already started with with three origins: France, Portugal and Spain."

Special Orders:

We also import a wide range of quality dried, tinned and dairy goods including cheeseyoghurtoilsolivesspicesBoiron fruit purees and more. See here for extra info. It's chestnut season and we sell both fresh, Ponthier vacuum-packed and the puree in tins.