Market Report - September

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Fresh from Rungis

Our buyer Andy says: "There's a definite feel of summer coming to a close, with wonderful late summer fruit and autumnal gems. First up the beautiful, jammy figs - green and black, mainly from Provence, with large and small fruits available. It's also a cracking time for the Reine Claude greengages and Mirabelles. New season fresh hazlenuts have just started, with walnuts  just around the corner. Muscat grapes are now in full swing, as well as lesser known Chasselas

Peaches are still in good shape but will be coming to an end soon, including blood fleshed Peche de Vigne. Gariguette strawberries have now finished! Mara des Bois are still available, pre-order only. Tulameen raspberries and blackberries are still available from Panache. It's peak time for tomatoes. All shapes, sizes and colours are currently available, both the Provence and Tomates D'Amour marks, and the usual excellent products from Saveurs de Chailly. 

Not as plentiful are large Globe artichokes. Courgette flowers are still around but not for much longer. Some good veg news though is the appearance of Romanesque - prices still a tad high but should come down soon. Haricots, extra fine green or yellow wax, are still plentiful. New season Lautrec pink garlic is now available, either loose or 1kg strings. As ever, if you need any info feel free to give me a call - 07810 504512"

Fresh from Milan

Our buyer Tess says: "Milan market was quiet over August but is now picking up speed. There are loads of squashes - Delicata and Zucca di Napoli - along with courgettes. Beans will start to tail off. The sturdier tomatoes are still here such as Vesuvio and San Marzano. Camone have started. Peaches and watermelons are ongoing. We've got the first signs of citrus in Verdelli lemons. Porcini and wet walnuts have just started. Chestnuts should be here this month. I might even spot some kiwi berries."

Other lines include: frigetilli peppers, chillies, aubergines, lemon verbena, basil

ESC Direct

Our buyer Gaelle is available on +33 789 866 675. She says: " Summer holidays are now over… but trade is carrying on! From Brittany, all coloured carrots, beetroots, Jerusalem artichokes and banana shallots are now new season! The summer cauli, colored cauli, Romanesco are very short and expensive, and so far the Globe chokes season has been poor! Muscades from South of France are available and affordable. Courgettes are currently suffering a shortage in France, while the Spanish are already making their entrance! Spanish figs are slowly arriving on the market. Sweet pots from Egypt are excellent value for money although price is a little higher due to smaller volumes. Red chilies from Spain are very average quality and quantity, the Dutch are beautiful quality but very pricey."

Special Orders

We also import a wide range of quality dried, tinned and dairy goods including cheeseyoghurtoilsolivesspicesBoiron fruit purees and more. See here for extra info. This is the end of the honey season and we also have set and runny artisanal honey from Kent.