Ponthier Chestnuts


UPDATE DECEMBER 2017: There has been a sharp price rise this year, with a very poor season in France and Spain - 15% of normal harvest. Cynips, a chestnut disease, that has spread to Europe over the last few years and has now spread to Spain, has destroyed most of the production and it will take no less than 6 years for trees to regain a production considered as "normal". 

No-one beats Ponthier for chestnuts. Their range is top-notch, including these bestselling 400g vacuum packs. We love the fact that they are prepared with zero added chemicals, additives or preservatives - it's a 100% natural product. They are also gluten free. 

Vacuum Packed Cooked Chestnuts in 400 G (2X200G)
Packaging: thermoformed packs of 400 G - 12 packs per carton
Palletisation: 8 cartons per layer- 10 layers per pallet- 80 cartons per US pallet
Shelf life: 15 months from production date

You can heat them up by immersing the packs in boiling water for 5 minutes. Or pierce the bag and heat in the microwave for 2 minutes at maximum power. 

Chestnuts are a classic ingredient in stuffings. For a bar snack, try roasting them in a hot oven and sprinkling with sea salt. The nuts are a lovely accompaniment to game, roast meats and even fish. Ponthier suggests a recipe roast fillet of cod meuniere with chestnuts, softened leeks and mushrooms with champagne - very decadent! Another of their tips is roast chicken with chestnuts and white wine with fine-spice pumpkin puree. A Picture restaurant in London they sometimes serve an amazing dish of ravioli with quartered baby Brussel sprouts and beurre noisette. They sneak a layer of chestnut puree to the bottom of the bowl, which adds a lovely subtle sweetness to each mouthful.