Piennolo Tomatoes


PIennolo tomatoes are a rare, unique product with PDO (protected designation of origin) and protection via a Slow Food Presidia. The name means “hanging” because these are traditionally hung in the kitchen for weeks. Cooks pics them as needed. Due to their slow maturation, the skin thickens and flavour intensifies. The volcanic soil imparts a distinct flavour due to the high levels of minerals. Uses include:

  • On pizzas. (The chain Franco Manca, for example, has a special of piennolo with roasted potatoes, red onions, mozarella, capers, black olives and mint).

  • In pasta sauces.

  • The ripest fruits are chopped and preserved under oil.

  • Occasionally, they are even used in desserts such as Vesuvius Millefeuille with Piennolo cherry tomatoes and Sfusato lemon! (We found this fact here.)